Dec 16, 2007

About The Videos:

Language is primarily not a written phenomenon, but a phonetic one: it is learned by speaking and listening.
The pronunciation video aims to provide a guide to the so called Roman or Ecclesiastical pronunciation of Latin. Instead of lengthy explanations such as: A as in FATHER, E as in END etc., this method provides an immediate experience of spoken Latin.
This approach emulates the so called "full immersion" method of language study whereby the student is enabled to experience the language instead of speculating about it.
Instead of explaining to someone how to swim, you take them to a pool. Instead of talking about auto-mechanics to someone wishing to learn how to drive, you put them behind the wheel and allow them to experience driving. Instead of talking about how to play the guitar, you let the student hold the instrument and try playing it. Same thing for riding a bicycle. Experience is central to the study of any art form, including the human speech.
The other videos provide some additional exposure to Latin. At first, it is not necessary to understand every word in order to begin the learning process. By listening, the student learns even when hearing unfamiliar words. In addition there are some readings of Latin text which can be useful to somewhat advanced students, or also, as additional exposure to Latin for beginners.

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